The Pill Bag XL | 100 Count (2 Packs of 50)

RiFi Solutions

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Don’t take your whole pill bottle with you wherever you go! Great for overnights or plane/ train/car travel.

Since 2000, the original ThePillBag® has been around to make carrying your pills and other small items safe and convenient. ThePillBag XL is a small (3" x 3") 3mil resealable heavy duty, plastic bag, providing a comfortable, clean and convenient way to carry and keep track of vitamins, capsules, and other pills. It is a convenient replacement for your pill containers and it is best when used daily or while traveling. It is disposable, lightweight, and moisture-resistant, and is a visible, feel-able reminder to take your pills. When you're done taking a pill, simply dispose of the pillbag and no more having to carry around those bulky pill containers!

These reusable bags are not only for pills or vitamins but they're also great for beads, jewelry, guitar picks, or anything you can think of.  This is great, because now you can be more organized.