The Pill Bag XL | 50 Count (1 Pack)

RiFi Solutions

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Since 2000, the original ThePillBag® has been around to make carrying your pills, edibles, prerolls and other small items safe and convenient.  ThePillBag XL is (3" x 3"). 

  • The bags are  3mil heavy duty and are designed to be versatile and durable. These resealable bags keep odors in while locking dirt out. With a tight and strong lock seal, the bags are  smell proof bag and can be reopened with ease. 
  • It is a convenient replacement for your pill containers and it is best when used daily or while traveling. It is disposable, lightweight, and moisture-resistant, and is a visible, feel-able reminder to take your pills. When you're done taking a pill, simply dispose of the pillbag and no more having to carry around those bulky pill containers!
  • Although they are called ThePillBag, these bags can be used in a variety of ways. They're great bags for small candy, vitamins, pills edibles, prerolls, earrings, small nails and screws and so much more. They are ideal for taking small items, edible and otherwise, while traveling.